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Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach

Supported Charities


FarmAid is a charity that helps farmers bring their organic, non-GMO foods to market by working with restaurants, grocers, schools, and other public institutions to educate communities on the importance of eating close to the earth.

FarmAid helps provide resources to local farmers to help promote fair farm policies and to also strongly defend family-farm agriculture against factory farm agriculture.

This message is critical to OptimizeCEO because despite the fact that big agriculture is indeed a business, without local food sources and sustainable food, no one can continue to have success.


OptimizeCEO is all about family. And that includes the animals that we share our planet with.

Helping to save the life of an animal from a world of abuse it the epitome of a good deed. And in today’s world, we don’t have room for those that don’t treat animals ethically.

Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or a vegan, we can all stand together to make sure that the animals of the world are treated as they should be.


Finding animals happy homes is near and dear to us. Every single member of the OptimizeCEO team feels strongly about the proper re-homing of animals and reducing the rate of euthanization in most shelters.

Best Friends Animal Society works hard to link homeless pets with happy homes. And at OptimizeCEO, we know how many homes would be that much brighter and productive with the unconditional love of a happy pet roaming around J


Lemonade Day is a charity that is absolutely amazing. They do something that no one else does… They teach children the skills that are required to become entrepreneurs by helping them develop small businesses at ripe young ages.

As someone that personally built my entrepreneurial skill set by establishing a network of lemonade stands nearby all the local wineries in my hometown of Sonoma, CA at the age of eight years old, this is something that I personally believe in.

Lemonade Day believes that children are not being taught the skills that they need to be in business for themselves, so they help them build business plans and ultimately lemonade stands to show them the beauty of entrepreneurship and taking risk and responsibility.