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Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach


Where You Can Find Thomas DeLauer and OptimizeCEO

Thomas DeLauer has made a name for himself as one of the top coaches in the world, being recognized by some of the largest publications and Movie/Television networks in the world.


Ironman Magazine

Ironman Cover ShootIronman-Cover

Thomas DeLauer has not only been recognized on the cover of Ironman Magazine but is a noted writer for the major fitness publication. His columns are focused primarily on optimizing all aspects of your life via health as a platform.


Lionsgate Films and BeFit Network


Lionsgate Films is one of the largest movie production companies in the world and has recognized Thomas DeLauer and OptimizeCEO as the leading health coach online. Thomas has a weekly show on the BeFit network by Lionsgate Films that reaches on average 1.8 million viewers per week.


Muscle and Performance Magazine and Vitamin Shoppe

Muscle and Performance Cover

As a cover model for Muscle and Performance magazine, Thomas DeLauer has been displayed as an expert on human performance as it pertains to workouts and proper supplementation. Muscle and Performance has partnered with Vitamin Shoppe stores across the globe and have collaboratively featured Thomas in virtually every Vitamin Shoppe store.


Natural Muscle Magazine


Being noted for his balance of work, fitness, and home life, Thomas has been the cover model for Natural Muscle Magazine, with the well-known cover image featuring Thomas and his dogs. Thomas was recognized by Natural Muscle as someone who juggled the work, life, and home balance while achieving optimal performance in all three.

Thomas now writes a monthly column for Natural Muscle Magazine as well, predicated on that same balance.


Muscle and Fitness Magazine


Muscle and Fitness Magazine is arguably the largest fitness publication in print today and has featured Thomas in multiple issues. He continues to provide content and expert opinions within the publication.


FitnessRX Magazine


Ranging from diet to life balance, Thomas DeLauer is a regular contributor to FitnessRX For Men. This publication is specifically dedicated to men that are working on becoming the best versions of themselves in health and in home life.