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The core of what makes us who we are is rooted in our physical bodies. But which came first? The mental fortitude and motivation, or the action?

Having the ability to access information specific to your situation is the meat behind Optimized Coaching. We do our best to provide as much information so that you can lead the most high-performance life possible, but having the resources to know when to implement specific tactics is what’s critical and unique to OptimizeCEO.

Working with Thomas and his Optimized Coaching program is about tapping into what you already have. This isn’t a personal development coaching program, nor is it a personal training program. Honestly, personal trainers are best left to do what they do best; work 1:1 in person with those that need instruction and support.

When you’re uncovering how you need to alter your life to become the most optimized version of yourself and you know that you have the inner hard-wiring, that’s when working with Thomas is right for you.

We are living in an era that allows us to develop the body we always wanted, the bank account we always envied, the love from our spouses that we always craved. We have the tools necessary to optimize virtually every component of our lives, and it all starts with what we put in our mouth, and the decisions that are made shortly thereafter.

Within the executive coaching program Thomas analyzes the approach that is best to unlock how you can make more money, have better sex, and look and feel the best.

Just within the first week of coaching with Thomas DeLauer we look at:

Your visualization of yourself. Where you are and why this is critical to the success of your business and your life.

  • How are you handling how you view yourself?
  • What needs to change in order to change the view? Physically, Mentally, Tangibly?
  • What physical and mental hurdles are affecting the decisions you make daily.

Your Initial Stress Load and Sources.

  • What’s raising the cortisol levels in your body to make you gain weight and perform poorly?
  • How can we reallocate the stressors in your life to better allow focus at the key times of day.
  • What kinds of foods can be introduced to increase the ability to fight stress?
  • Combatting the fatigue associated with schedule and diet.

Establish a medically endorsed control diet for a limited time.

  • Truly assess what is causing the biggest metabolic hurdles in your body and brain.
  • Connecting the dots between diet, discipline, and dollars.
  • Identifying the foods that may specifically cause you problems.
  • Optional Lab Testing to truly identify root issues.

Setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Lagging KPIs to identify where increases in revenue can occur as a result
  • Leading KPIs to hold you accountable in areas that are relevant to you

Diagnosing Your One BIG Issue.

  • What is truly holding you back?
  • The steps and the hacks to eliminate or mitigate the root issue.

Accountability and Getting the Significant Other on Board

  • One of the largest reasons structured goals aren’t met is because of the environment you surround yourself in.
  • Mastering the home environment to get the most out of your coaching.
  • Reinforcing your relationships rather than hindering them.

By the end of week one, there is a road map to becoming optimized. Uncovering where the best years of your life lie and how you can tap into them quickly and effectively.

Individualized coaching with Thomas is limited to a small group of clients at this time. Because of the high-demand for Optimized Coaching, we are offering a consultation call with Thomas to determine if coaching is a fit at this time.

However, we are building out the platform for a core, group coaching program that will better assist those that are interested in diving in and enhancing who they are sooner, rather than later.

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