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Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach


We cannot function if we aren’t surviving. Within the four pillars, we have the pillar of nutrition, because although each and every pillar is equal when it comes to ultimate success and energy, without nutrition the other pillars suffer dramatically.

The Food Guide Pyramid isn’t what we are talking about here. You’re not going to find information on how many carbs to eat with each meal or how much protein you should have post workout (ok you might find some of that, but it’s not the core). You’re going to find more in the way of knowledge that applies to you. We’re talking about dynamic knowledge that teaches you to learn YOUR body and make the decisions that work best for your constantly changing life.

This pillar isn’t about nutrition from a diet or weight loss standpoint (sure it can be applied there), but it’s about nutrition and how it pertains to your daily life. This pillar brings to light the different tools that you can add to your arsenal to keep you performing your best.

The Nutrition Pillar is mortared together with recipes, emerging research, easy to implement health hacks, and of course education that will allow you to quickly become the best version of yourself.