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Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach

3 Ways to Prevent Adrenal Fatigue

We all know that too much stress is a bad thing. When we are stressed we are less in control of our mood, our fitness tends to deteriorate and we will experience physical and mental fatigue. To exacerbate these problems, chronic stress has been linked to headaches,...

Steam Room or Sauna – Which is Better?

You may have heard discussion around the benefits of the sauna and the steam room, but is one better for you than another? There is only so much time in the day to spend at the gym, so we want to be sure to get the most out of what we do in the least amount of time....

The Perception of Stress

I’ve talked a lot about the difference between good stress and bad stress, but in this video, I want to talk more about how we perceive stress. Looking at the same pinnacle of stress and looking at it as whether it’s a good kind of stress or a bad kind of...