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Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach

About You

You’re busy. You have a real life and you have to wear the different hats of career, health, spouse and parent all while still being happy and not feeling like you’re wasting every precious moment of your life building out something that doesn’t really have a tangible end-result.

You are what is called, “A Real Person.”

As someone that needs to find the balance between business and body, nutrition and performance, and maybe money and family you have probably been flat out confused along the way. There aren’t people helping us truly live our lives in an optimal way.

It’s one of two ways that we hear it all the time:

  • You have to drop everything and dive head first into what you want to do (health, business, family) and sacrifice the other components of your life.


  • You are fed this information that basically tells you that you have to become ‘balanced’ and ultimately a lesser performing version of yourself.

Well, neither of those have to be the case. OptimizeCEO is about giving you the tools to be the best version of yourself in every possible way.  The tools to become a top performer in your health, in your wealth, in your home, and in your brain leaving you with the perfect storm of energy, confidence, and vitality to get you what you want in life.

  • You’re not about to jump on a boiler-plate fitness program, because you’re not boiler-plate.
  • You’re not about to sacrifice your business or your career to possibly get in shape.
  • You’re not about to transform yourself into something that you’re not.

You are here to optimize what is already good, to make it great.

That is what OptimizeCEO is all about, and you’re here because it’s time to learn the shortcuts and the hacks to leapfrog ahead in your health and develop the skills that are needed to not just be healthy, but to be a top performer.

Better health and performance means more confidence. More confidence means more to your bottom line. More to your bottom-line means less stress, and less stress means a happier home-life. And guess what….

A happier home life means it’s easier to repeat the cycle and get in the best possible shape of your life regardless of age, and thus repeats the perpetual cycle of optimum performance.

OptimizeCEO, because you’re real.