The Perfect Couples Workout - OptimizeCEO - OptimizeCEO

Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach

One of the most difficult problems that couples face when they’re working out together is the frustration of not working out with the same weights.

This couples workout is just in time for valentines day and gives you the chance to incorporate bodyweight movements and easy cable exercises that you can do together without getting frustrated with each other about stripping the weights on and off.

Warm Up
2 Minutes Squats 20 seconds on, 10 second rest

Round 1:
Rope Tricep Pushdows 15 Reps
Stability Ball Rollouts 15 Reps

Repeat 3 times

Round 2:
Rotational Kneeling Twist

Repeat 3 times

Round 3:
Shoulder Laterals 12 Reps
Reverse Grip Bent Over Barbell Row 12 Reps

Repeat 3 times

Round 4:
Kettlebell Squats 20 Reps
Dumbbell Lunges 15 Reps (Alternating Legs)

Repeat 3 times

Round 5:
Push-up 10 Reps
Wallsit – As long as it take partner to complete

Repeat 3 times

Round 6:
High Intensity Interval Training 30 Seconds
Plank 30 seconds

Repeat 3 times

You can repeat this workout up to three times if you’re looking for a more advanced variation of it.