February 2016 - OptimizeCEO - OptimizeCEO

Thomas DeLauer

Executive Body & Business Coach

Cable Ab Workout

It’s easy for us to lose our stability muscles if we are sitting at desks all day! This cable ab workout was designed by OptimizeCEO to give you a quick and easy ab workout that you can do in about 10 minutes in ONE location in the gym. We all know how difficult it...

What to do if You Have Too Many Carbs

Just like everything in life, it’s good to have a plan. An exit strategy of some kind. And if you watch my videos a lot, you know that I am a huge fan of being prepared for what may come but you also know that I help a lot of people with living day to day, busy lives...

Hidden Dangers of Processed Foods

All right, we all know that processed foods are bad for you. We hear it time and time again. Avoid preservatives. Avoid the processed foods. But no one every gives us any real solid information on why you should avoid it, why they’re dangerous. My name’s...